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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sowell nails the problem with judicial activism

Thomas Sowell has nailed the anti-Democratic results of activist judges in this wonderful (but depressing) article, just a portion of which I quote from here:

It is painfully ironic that we should be promoting the spread of democracy abroad when democracy is shrinking at home. Over the years, the outcomes of our elections have meant less and less, as judges have taken more and more decisions out of the hands of elected officials. Judges have imposed their own notions on everything from school administration to gay marriage, and have ordered both state and federal agencies to spend billions of dollars to carry out policies favored by the judges or have even ordered a state legislature to raise taxes. This naked exercise of judicial power has been covered by the fig leaf of pretense to be 'interpreting' laws and the Constitution by stretching and twisting words beyond recognition.
As I've harped on time and time again in this blog, my own personal experiences practicing law in a liberal bastion have amply demonstated that our judges do not feel that they have any obligation to interpret the law as it exists; their sole role (in their own minds) is to apply some higher standard of right and wrong, known only to themselves and their liberal cronies. If you have a minute, click on the link and read Sowell's entire column.