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Sunday, March 06, 2005

European weirdness and Jews

CDR Salamander has a very interesting post about a non-Jewish Dutch football team, its Jewish logos, and the anti-Semitism the team inspires (probably as payback for its own anti-Semitism during WWII):

I find this funny, sad, confusing, and weird all wrapped up in a nice ball of Gefilte Fish. We have soccer, football - whatever, in that very European 'we're so bored we want to taunt and fight with the other team's supporters' thing going on with the wonderful institution of clueless institutional anti-Semitism. Not that bad, I guess. We do have the Washington Redskins. But how did the leading Dutch soccer (I'm an American, I will call this particular behavior soccer-not football) team Ajax Amsterdam, named after a Greek mythological character, become associated with anti-Semitism?
Read the whole thing here.