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Friday, March 04, 2005

Martha Stewart on the way to freedom

I am now, and have long been, a big Martha Stewart fan. I have always appreciated the stringent perfectionism she brings to the ordinary drudgery of household tasks -- without devolving into cutesiness. It's a rare quality and one that should be appreciated. I therefore enjoyed Charlotte Allen's "welcome back" post to Martha over at the Independent Women's Forum. Here's a part of it:

Martha Stewart’s back home after bravely serving her 5-month prison sentence when she didn’t have to, and I say: Bravo, girl! We’ll undoubtedly hear the usual sniping about how Martha has somehow managed to profit from her prison experience (the stock in her Martha Stewart Omnimedia Corp. has been soaring) and how she’s never aplogized for fudging to FBI agents who were trying to nail her on an insider-trading charge they couldn’t make stick because she didn’t do any insider-trading. I don’t understand why Martha’s supposed to wallow in guilt: 1) She’s got an appeal pending on what seem to be solid legal grounds; and 2) I don’t think she did anything wrong in the first place. How can you cover up a nonexistent crime? Martha got a bum rap because she a) made millions of dollars peddling the politically incorrect message that it’s nice for a woman to keep a gracious home; and 2) wasn’t very kind to her employees. As a sometime employee myself, I sympathize deeply with the latter folk, but screaming at the help is not a felony.