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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Grammar's downfall

When did it become okay for newspaper editors to pass split infinitives without correcting them? Ignore this article's content (only boredom can explain why I was reading about Michael Jackson), and just focus on the highlighted language:

The teenage sister of Michael Jackson's accuser told jurors in his child molestation trial Thursday that in 2003 the pop star suddenly had the family flown by private jet to a Miami resort where he told them to not watch a documentary about him that would be aired that night.
I know I'm a purist -- I still cringe every time I year Captains Kirk or Picard say "to boldly go" -- but, really, you'd think at least a newspaper editor would remember that the correct phrase is "not to watch." (And, yes, I'm aware that my blog is rife with grammatical errors and typos, but I'm doing it on the fly, without an editor looking over my shoulder. It may not excuse the mistakes, but at least it justifies them.)