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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Mark Steyn takes on the UN's approach to genocide

A few days ago, I blogged about the UN's despicable stance with regard to the genocide currently taking place in the Sudan. I tied that story in with a long polemic about the fact that the UN and Europe have so grossly polluted the idea of the first, worst genocide (that is, the Holocaust), they should not be allowed to reference it anymore. Mark Steyn has now turned his laser eye on the UN's latest disgusting act and, in the wittiest, most trenchant, article imaginable, exposes all that is wrong with the UN's most recent "humanitarian" effort. I think, if I were to number this post, it would come in as reason number 54,395,305 why we should take down the UN. Hat tip: Chrenkoff. UPDATE: For more on the UN's non-genocide situation in Darfur, check out this Gee Dubya post that examines the extraordinarily high number of deaths in the Sudan.