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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Yes, Europe is going to H*ll in a handbasket

In case you thought that there was any hope for Europe in the coming showdown between Mid East and West, I think this Beef always wins post pretty much answers that question:

Wes Roth points out a commenter at LGF, who posts a summary of a Dutch article with some disturbing news: the Dutch have banned their own flag in schools for fear of offending immigrants.
Read the whole thing, which comes equipped with more links. UPDATE: Weirdly, at Gee Dubya, I find an excellent post stating that Holland is making efforts to fight back. Seems as if Holland's governmental left hand doesn't know what its right hand is doing. UPDATE II: For a more scholarly take on the issue of Europe's difficult relationship with the U.S., vis-a-vis terrorists, check out this Arthur Waldron article in Commentary, which posits that Europe will be drawing closer to America as it realizes the threat. Nothing like the big bad Islamic wolf to make the little NATO lambs return to the fold.