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Monday, February 28, 2005

Mark Steyn alert

Here it is: the most recent Mark Steyn column, this one celebrating the fact that Bush's inroads in Iraq are seeing the Arab political and cultural walls crumble in much the same way as the Berlin Wall back in 1989. It's worth remembering that, while we now look at the latter as an historic inevitability, it is unlikely that it would have happened if Reagan had not taken such a strong (and expensive) anti-Communist stance. UPDATE: As a depressing antidote to the optimism in Mark Steyn's most recent column -- especially his optimism about the Palestinian Authority's disavowal of the most recent homicide bombing in Tel Aviv -- you need to check out this post at the Counterterrorism Blog. Steven Emerson argues convincingly that the news reports are disinformation the PA is generating through a corrupt AP.