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Friday, February 11, 2005

I thought the current theory is that people are born gay

Aside from being superficially amusing, I found this a peculiar story:

A plan by a German zoo to test the sexual appetites of a group of suspected homosexual penguins has sparked outrage among gay and lesbian groups, who fear zookeepers might force them to turn straight. "All sorts of gay and lesbian associations have been e-mailing and calling in to protest," said a spokesman for the zoo in the northwestern city of Bremerhaven on Friday. He said the zoo concluded the penguins might be gay after seeing male penguins trying to mate with other males and trying to hatch offspring out of stones. German media reported that female Swedish penguins would be brought to the zoo to test the theory, but when word got out about the plan, the phones started ringing. "Nobody here is trying to break-up same sex pairs by force," the zoo's director Heike Kueck told public broadcaster NDR. "We don't know if the three male pairs are really gay or just got together because of a lack of females."
First of all, it's yet another case (a la Summers) of the Left protesting any attempt to conduct research that might intersect with accepted liberal viewpoints. Inquiry is evil. Second, it appears to me that the gays and lesbians who protested are mighty worried that the currently dominant theme -- that people are born gay or lesbian -- might not be absolutely true. Personally, I do think some people are born with the wrong washes of estrogen and testosterone. I've known incredibly feminized five year old boys, and hypermasculine eight year old girls, and I refuse to believe that this is a "lifestyle" choice. Something is going on. The thing is that, whatever is going on, investigation can only be helpful.