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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Potentially biased source for another "the US is the bad guy in all this" story

In a story about an American couple that survived the tsunami, the following sentences set the story up for an incredibly long riff about how awful the local US presence was:

Faye Wachs said she was impressed by the efforts of the Thai government and the International Committee for the Red Cross, but 'she was appalled at the treatment they got' from the U.S. government, her mother said.
What the story doesn't say is that the young couple, and the mother being quoted, are all from Berkeley, California. Now, that may not have anything to do with anything, but I know that the prevailing mindset in Berkeley is that the U.S. government is always wrong, and that U.S. interests are always evil, so it makes me somewhat suspicious that bias may be driving the narrative. That is, I don't think they're lying, but I do suspect that, given their background, they're incapable of perceiving the US response to anything as being appropriate.