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Thursday, December 16, 2004

The CIA's secret camp at Gitmo

The Washington Post has a long-ish article about an alleged "secret camp" at Gitmo, that is run by the CIA. The article is interesting, but it raised a few questions in my mind: 1. Why are former and current CIA officials telling the press about this? If it's secret, shouldn't they as agency employees and former employees keep the agency's secrets? 2. Why is the military pointing to this facility? Are we seeing some fight between agencies being played out here? Is the Defense Department trying to deflect attention from itself? (And, by the way, I'm unimpressed by the ICRC's claim that the poor Gitmo prisoners are suffering because . . . they're in prison!) 3. And speaking of the ICRC, which has been splendidly partisan and hostile toward the US, why is the ICRC all love and kisses about the supposed secret CIA facility? All in all, it's a very confusing article that says little, but raises many questions.