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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Christian Science Monitor stacks the deck

The Christian Science Monitor did an article about the Presbyterian church's decision to divest from companies doing business with Israel. The monitor also included one of those ridiculous "click on the button" surveys to go along with that poll. My sister-in-law, when she learned about this insidious support for a disgusting business gambit, had the following to say:

It is time to divest from China for its blatant violations of human rights and decades long occupation of Tibet. It is time to divest from Saudi Arabia for its brutal suppression of liberties for women and non-Moslems. It is time to divest from India for perpetuating an internal apartheid state of "untouchables". It is time to divest from any nation which turns a blind eye to the sexual enslavement of children. It is time to divest from Russia for its aggressive responses to Chechnia. Not realistic? For all those who wish to divest from Israel, hold the rest of the world to the same standard. Very few countries will be left free from divestment. It is easy for the self-righteous to isolate Israel because it is tiny and isolated and we consume few of its goods. Divestment from China or Saudi Arabia would inconvenience us personally- but apparently the rights of all the other persecuted people on our planet are much less important right now than those of the Palestinians. I marvel at how the goal of annhiliation of Israel by its neighbors and the horrendous tactic of suicide bombings seem to not even factor into this "moral" divestment campaign. This is sanctimonious PC at its worst.