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Monday, October 25, 2004

Giggle for the day

Yesterday, a pro-Kerry friend of mine gloatingly pointed me to the NY Times story about missing explosives. After castigating Bush & Co. for their "incompetence," he rousingly concluded, "This wouldn't have happened if they'd left Iraq alone. The explosives would have remained under Saddam Hussein's control." I consider that an unanswerable argument, since it exists in an alternative universe of the type painted by Michael Moore, where peaceful Iraqis frolic in fields, and 300,000 Iraqis didn't die at their own Leader's hands. Imagine my amusement, though, to read NRO's estimable Kerry Spot. After analyzing the weaknesses in the NYTimes triumphant story about the missing weapons, Jim Geraghty adds, "You can see this being cited in antiwar arguments, can't you? 'If it weren't for the invasion by the Coalition, these 350 tons of explosives would be safely in the hands of Saddam Hussein, where they posed no threat to anyone!'"