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Monday, October 25, 2004

Know your enemies

This just in from Haaretz:

Leading members of the Anglican church will recommend that their decision-making body adopt an anti-Israel divestment policy similar to the one the Presbyterian church passed earlier this summer. The announcement, made yesterday in Jerusalem by representatives of the Anglican Peace and Justice Network (APJN), came at the close of the delegation's 10-day tour of the region.
Nobody can convince me this isn't anti-Semitism pure and simple. If these people were genuinely interested in "Peace and Justice," they'd be condemning those Muslim countries that, as a matter of official policy: (1) stone women to death for committing adultery; (2) kill or severely punish people who do not practice Islam within their borders; (3) cut off the hands of thieves; (4) forbid women from going to school, driving, appearing outside with any part of their skin showing, obtaining divorces, getting custody of children, voting, etc.; (5) routinely desecrate non-Muslim religious sites; (6) fund schools that foment the type of hatred that culiminates in, say, September 11, 2001; etc.