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Friday, February 03, 2006

Culture clash for the Caliphate

Just a heads-up that Michelle Malkin has incredibly good coverage of how Islamists worldwide are attempting to intimidate the rest of the world into follow Muslim religious dictates. Please understand that this is not just "you hurt our feelings, so we're going to kill you." Nor is this, "let us practice our religion and you practice yours." Instead, as with the effort to ban any pig images in Britain, this is part of concerted effort to force the Western world into embracing Islamic norms. I think it must be understood as an intentional first step in preparing the West for life under the Caliphate. And yes, I know I sound paranoid, but there's more meaning than "the picture hurt my feelings" in such photos as this from England: These people are unabashed about telling us who they think the real power brokers are and in letting us in on their intentions. And I do believe that the only way to ensure that the Caliphate won't be a huge problem in the future is for us to have the intelligence, strength and courage to treat it as a problem in the present.