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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Just a wee bit disheartened

I'm feeling glum this afternoon, not because it's pouring rain (which I love), not because the kids have been squabbling non-stop (which I hate), but because there's trouble in doggie paradise. My new dog continues to pish in her box when I leave the house, even if only for a half hour, which is unsustainable (for me) in the long run. I can't have every errand end with a load of laundry. To compound things, today she escaped from me for a few minutes, which seemed innocuous enough. It was only later that I discovered she'd left a pungent gift in my son's room. I've gotten through this with another dog, but that one didn't soil his box. This one, unless she's under my nose, seems to consider it automatic potty time. So, I'm sad. She's a complete charmer except for her bad continence habits. She's silly and loving and fun. But the fact is, I can't maintain a household with a dog who can't maintain herself at a very basic level. So, I'll give her a couple more months, and I certainly hope she improves. Failing that, I'm going to have to give her up (to a good home, of course). And that's why I'm glum -- worry about bridges I may have to cross.