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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The withdrawal time table plan

How foolish can the Democrats be demanding that the U.S. announce the date on which it intends to leave Iraq? I can just see this tactic during WWII:

Date: May 1943 This is Franklin Delano Roosevelt speaking. Polls have revealed that Americans are getting increasingly restless about the war situation. This administration acknowledges high casualties. We've been unable to make landfall in Europe (although we continue our nighttime bombing raids). The situation in the Pacific is stagnant, without clear military gains. For that reason, this administration hereby announces that America will withdraw from this war on December 15, 1943. As of that date, and for the subsequent month, we will bring all troops home. This war is just too difficult politically, and we really don't care that much about the ultimate outcome. Henceforth, the buck will stop with England, France, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Holland, Belgium, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, etc. Good luck, guys! Call us when it's over.
Now, the one thing I wouldn't have any objection to is an announcement from the President spelling out specific goals he intends to achieve as a prelude to withdrawal. After all, in a traditional war, it's pretty clear that the war is over because the enemy cries "uncle." That's not going to happen here, so it would be very helpful indeed if the President were to say that "when X, Y & Z happen, we will have achieved our military objectives, and we will bring our troops home." There's nothing like working towards a goal to spur enterprise.