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Thursday, September 22, 2005

DiFi -- a mind is a terrible thing to waste

I was very disappointed to read that Sen. Feinstein will vote against Justice Roberts on the girlie ground that she just doesn't really feel she knows him. This is not the usual disappointment that a Democratic Senator is again making a foolish decision. This is personal. I've known DiFi all my life. I grew up in the City, and knew her children and stepchildren. As a very young child, I'd periodically see her at birthday parties (although my mother always claimed that, even then, she was too much of a politico just to make nice with the other, ordinary moms). I will never forget the day in 1978, when Dan White assassinated Mayor Moscone. DiFi acted with extraordinary grace, strength and dignity, both on the day of the Mayor's death, and in the months afterwards when she became acting mayor. DiFi ran for Senator on solid liberal Democratic credentials, but also by presenting herself as a hardworking pragmatist. While I've come to disagree with her politics, I've always liked her style (right down to the 1950s Barbi doll hair and the suits with bows). That's all over now. By turning on a brilliant candidate (who I so much hope is a solid conservative and not a stealth liberal), and by doing so for such an icky, touchy-feely girlie reason, Feinstein has lost all credibility. She's no longer a smart, strong woman who is still on the wrong side of the political divide -- she's a hack in thrall to some of the worst elements of the Left. I am so sorry.