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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

It's good to know who your real enemies are

According to the unhinged Ted Rall, writing in an article that is ranked as one of today's most popular according to Yahoo, America's greatest enemy isn't Al Qaeda, which has been behind the death of approximately 5,000 Americans (on 9/11 and in subsequent battles), but Karl Rove! This revelation comes because Newsweek reports that Karl Rove might have had some connection outing Valerie Plame as a CIA agent in retaliation for Joe Wilson's loopy and untrue accusations. The actual evil resulting from Karl Rove's alleged wrongdoing: Valerie Plame's career ended. She might also have lost her life (but, unlike the 9/11 victims and our soldiers, didn't). Frankly, if this is the worst mountain the loony Left can make out of current events, I'm not surprised that the Democrats are not doing spectacularly well in the court of public opinion. BTW, if you want to be enlightened and informed, don't bother with Rall's column. However, if you want a sterling example of vitriolic ad hominem attacks, unanchored to reason or reality, this is a great place to go.