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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tom DeLay -- the next victim of judicial activism

In an American Spectator article, Ben Stein makes this excellent point about a subset of judicial activism:

The attack against him in the Texas courts are an outrageous -- but sadly emblematic -- Democrat attempt to use the judicial system to defeat the electoral process. The DA who is tormenting him is the same one who made up an indictment of Kay Bailey Hutchison out of whole cloth to try to reverse the results of a solid electoral victory by the Republican party in Texas. If this kind of deviltry works, we can expect local Democrat district attorneys to routinely indict any Republican who is successfully turning out the electorate for the Republican Party. No elected official, no bureaucrat, is more unaccountable than an out of control, hatchet job prosecutor, and this is just what we are seeing at work against Tom DeLay.
As the child molestation witch hunts of the 1980s and early 1990s demonstrate, there can be few things more vicious and unprincipled than a DA on a mission. (And, yes, I know that most DAs are honorable people, intent on moving huge masses of accused criminals through the system in the most effective and honest way possible.)