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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Larry Summers can of worms rocks on

Only a few days late, I caught up with this Catherine Seipp op-ed piece from last Sunday's LA Times. In it, she takes on the prevailing feminist (and false) theory, exposed because of the Larry Summers hooha, that women are being grossly discriminated against behind the hallowed Ivy covered walls of our colleges and universities. The whole column is amusing and instructive, so I'll just tempt you with this one paragraph:

The National Science Foundation has funded a three-year grant called Gender Equity in Math and Science; projects include tracking 'gender discrimination' against female professors or trying to persuade high school girls to major in computer science instead of, say, law. Never mind that college women now outnumber college men, or that high school girls in general get better grades and test scores than high school boys. Feminists have a knack for snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory, so until women reach a utopian 50/50 parity with men in math and science careers (whether they want to or not), the party line says we've got a problem.