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Friday, February 18, 2005

Hey! Which side is Google on?

The George W. Bush government is a team of shadows whose highest ranking officials rank among the darkest of US reactionary political fauna, Granma newspaper's international page denounces Friday. According to the paper, each time Bush nominates an official for a post, he picks the worst of all, and together, they make up the worst, gloomiest, cruelest and most messianic administration of all. His recent nomination of John Negroponte as first national intelligence chief, a position above the country's spying network, with huge powers and a large budget, proves the above-mentioned assessment. From now on, Negroponte will direct US spies and the agents who torture and scheme assassinations and coups in the world. As ambassador to Iraq for less than a year, he became the US proconsul, the figure on which the 'Government' of Iyad Allawi counts for all decisions, the mastermind of atrocities such as the rocking of Fallujah, torture camps, assassination of journalists and shut down the numerous irregularities, frauds and bribes. His dossier is as sordid as his role in Iraq.
No, I haven't taken leave of my senses. I offer the above coverage from Prensa Latina just to give you an idea of the kind of material Google finds newsworthy for its News engine. Yup, I found the above article on Google. This, of course, contrasts with Google's continued refusal to include more conservative news purveyors on its site, and the fact that Google employees are overwhelmingly Democratic.