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Friday, January 14, 2005

Test tube young adults

Get this gem from Tech Central Station, about what liberals , who traditionally have fewer children than conservatives, have to do to keep their ranks up:

The remaining option is the Dracula option: the hijacking of little red-state kids through academia and the mass media. It's the lament of conservatives since time out of mind, and it's the plot of Tom Wolfe's latest novel: every year, conservative families spend outrageous sums in order to send their smartest, most capable children to elite colleges, wherein radical leftists brainwash them into newly-minted blue-staters. And the less-capable red-state kids hear the siren call of leftist values every time they flip the 'on' switch on the idiot box. Prime-time television and the network news highlight the glamour and appeal of liberal places, beliefs, and lifestyles, while conservative values are either ridiculed ('dumb old Dad'), reviled ('The priest did it? The businessman was corrupt? Who'd've guessed?'), dismissed ('We at CBS News stand by our story'), or ignored (insert any aspect of religious life here). The old song is still mostly true: How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm, after they've seen a TV show about Paree?
The entire post is this amusing, and is worth checking out. Hat tip: The Independent Women's Forum Inkwell Daily Blog UPDATE: Jack's comment about abortion creating a lack of baby liberals made me think of the following. In both China and India, female babies are strongly disfavored and, courtesy of modern science, they are being aborted in record numbers. What's happening of course, is that the natural male/female ratio in those countries is getting wildly skewed, with way more surviving young men than young women -- and suddenly, women are becoming a hot commodity. In the long run, this despicable form of population control may end up working to the benefit of women, whose births have previously been considered a source of mourning, not rejoicing. Talk about the law of unintended consequences. [BTW, full disclosure: I am squeamishly pro-choice, although I fully recognize that this viewpoint has no logical or ethical basis (so, since I acknowledge that this view is irrational, please don't expend your energy trying to argue me out of it). I will say, though, that in communities (and historic times) where abortion is completely illegal, young women have typically tended to kill themselves through botched, back-alley abortions. I'd like to create a moral and economic culture where abortions are legal, but nobody wants or needs them. And, for the rare person who cannot survive a pregnancy, mentally or physically, there'll be that safe option.]