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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Isn't there someone else even remotely qualified for "UN nuclear watchdog?"

This story tells us the Mohammed ElBaradei is likely to continue in his role as UN nuclear watchdog:

The head of the UN nuclear watchdog, Mohammed ElBaradei has emerged as the only candidate for the post of the agency's next director general. Mr ElBaradei hopes to be re-elected for a third term, but the US does not want his mandate to be renewed. Privately, some US officials have complained that Mr ElBaradei - who has held the post since 1997 - has been too soft on both Iran and Iraq.
Could it be that the current government is also against him because he attempted to subvert the US election with bogus stories about stolen chemical supplies? As for the complaint about being soft on Iran and Iraq -- well, considering that the UN's job seems to be to maintain its own status quo regardless of consequences, ElBaradei is probably doing just a fine job as far as the UN is concerned. At bottom, it's pretty clear why the UN is not fielding any other candidate. ElBaradei is perfect: ineffectual at his job, but actively hostile to the US. The UN is a classic example of an entity that lives to bite the hand that feeds it. And, to make an awkward metaphorical switch, if it's not careful, it will find that its repugnant behavior is gearing up to kill the US goose that lays the bureacracy's annual golden egg fund.