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Saturday, December 11, 2004

How the intellectually and morally mighty have fallen

It used to say something about intellectual rigor and moral backbone to be a Presbyterian. No longer:

The Presbyterian News release #04424 describes the separation barrier, built solely to keep out Palestinian suicide bombers and not representing a political border, as: 'Part razor-wire fence and part 25 foot concrete wall, the barrier cuts deep into land that has not yet been formally negotiated.' No wonder the Presbyterians are confused. Let me take this opportunity to set the records straight. In July 2000 at Camp David, Yasser Arafat was offered the best deal the Palestinians are ever likely to get -- 97% of their demands were met, including the unthinkable of Jerusalem as their capital. In fact the negotiations came close to fulfilling UN security resolution 242, which had been the core of the Palestinians demands. Arafat refused to even accept it as a basis for negotiation and walked out the room."
I recommend the whole article.