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Friday, February 24, 2006

What now for Israel

I have a friend who is very well informed, but fond of Doomsday scenarios. He recently explained to me in great detail why he believes that Israel will soon implode. By his account, the left has essentially declared war on the right by calling in the military to forcibly evict the settlers. The right is arming and organizing armed rebellion. My friend firmly believed this will all end badly. Bookworm's readers are the best informed group of people regarding Israel I know of. Is my friend right? What is the situation in Israel? How do I answer my friend? And, while I'm at it, how should (and how will) Israel react to the threat of Iranian nukes? All those of you who come to the Bookwormroom for insights will have to check the comments, because I have none at all on this topic. But I'll bet Bookworm's readers do. Thanks in advance for your comments.