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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Political correctness in religious garb

No one should be surprised that the American MSM has rolled over and played dead over the cartoon controversy. After all, censorship of religious images is nothing more or less than political correctness in religious garb. Political correctness is all about deciding who is privileged and who is not. The privileged are free to attack the unprivileged, but the unprivileged may not attack the privileged. Thus, women (privileged) may denigrate men (unprivileged) but men may not denigrate women. Blacks (privileged) may insult whites (see Bryant Gumbal's recent comments, which have gone practically uncriticized) but whites (unprivileged) may not insult blacks (see Rush Limbaugh, forced to resign from a football pregame show for comments that actually attacked the sports press but could be twisted into a criticism of black quarterbacks). Not surprisingly, Muslims may criticize Christians and Jews (call for their destruction, suicide bomb them, whatever) but Christians and Jews may not criticize Muslims. Just as it is quite all right to surpress any speech which might offend blacks and women, it is quite all right to surpress anything which might offend Muslims. It makes perfect sense in the PC world of American liberals controlling the MSM to use a picture of a dung covered Virgin Mary (which only offends Christians) to illustrate a Muslim cartoon controversy, rather than the cartoons themselves (which would offend Muslims). I used to think that the double standard inherent in political correctness was hypocritical, but I've realized that is incorrect. Liberal proponents of political correctness (who, of course, dominate the MSM) don't believe in equality in the first place, so they do not view identity politics, and inequality of treatment of people based on which groups they belong to, as anything unusual or improper. Political correctness is simply affirmative action applied to speech. Suppressing religious cartoons is simply political correctness applied to religion. Those of us who believe in equality must understand that we are dealing with an opposition that, at a fundamental level, disagrees with even the most basic principals upon which American was founded. The cartoon controversy is merely the latest illustration of this fact.