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Thursday, February 23, 2006

How dare H&R Block offer services to people!

Just read a story in the newspaper that protestors are protesting at H&R Block. Block's crime is offering the service of loaning people money against their expected refund amount. People are taking advantage of the service even though the loan is really expensive. How dare Block offer a service that people actually want and are willing to pay dearly for? Seriously, don't these protestors have anything better to do, like maybe work for a living, so they can use Block's services, too? I'm reminded of those who protest Walmarts because, gosh, they offer things people want at low prices. As if this is a bad thing. Sorry to be so cranky, but we have here a willing buyer and a willing seller and a bunch of protestors who want to stick their noses into other people's business and dictate to them what they can and cannot do. Perhaps the biggest ill of our society right now (okay, one among many others; the competition is stiff) is that we've given up on the notion of individual freedom. True, I think taking out a loan from H&R Block is almost certainly a bad idea. But people should be permitted to make their own judgments about such things without having to wade their way through a bunch of protestors to do so. People should even have the right to make mistakes and learn from them. Individual freedom is not primarily about the Patriot Act or wiretapping. It's about allowing people to make their own decisions, even their own mistakes. That's what our country used to stand for, and should stand for again.