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Saturday, January 14, 2006

So what should America do?

DQ again. Thanks to all who answered my last post. The concensus seems to be that there is no solution to the problems in the Middle East that all the players there would willingly accept. The Muslims are determined to eliminate Israel completely and Israel is determined to continue to exist. Understandably, no one has a solution that meets both of these goals. Assuming that is correct (and I belive it is) the next logical question is what should American policy be toward this intractable problem. Again, I'm especially interested in the liberal viewpoint. To all those who have criticized Bush for his Middle East policy, here is your chance to say what he should have done. Should America support the continued existance of Israel? Should we abandon Israel in favor of the terrorists? Put differently, the terrorists assert that they wish to drive Israel into the sea. Indeed, they assert that they wish to take over America as well, and turn American, and the rest of the world, into an Islamic state. In my limited experience, American liberals appear not to take these terrorists at their word. Even 9/11, which would seem to settle the issue, does not deter the true liberal. So, is there a way, in the liberal view of the world, to placate the terrorists without surrendering Israel (and, for that matter, America) to the extreme Islamic viewpoint? If so, what is that way? If not, what should American policy be to thwart the terrorists? In truth, I do not believe that the liberals have a solution to the problem. I believe they love to criticize Bush & Israel, but have not the slightest idea what policy would work better than those they criticize. I would love to engage the liberal readers of this blog in an intelligent discussion on this subject & I would like nothing better than to be proven wrong by some constructive liberal thinker. But, as Bookworm has discussed, constructive liberal thinkers are few and far between. When Bookworm tried to engage one in converation on the issues, she got nothing but empty ad hominem attacks. Thus, I issue a challenge. Can the liberal readers of this blog do any better than that? I promise that I will treat your comments will respect and thoughtful consideration (though, of course, I reserve the right to disagree with them on the merits). Let's engage in a constructive dialogue, rather than mere name-calling. What have you to say?