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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Left's fascination with death

I don't know what Bookworm is doing with her weekend, but please allow me (DQ) to jump in here with a few thoughts. Bookworm's recent insightful American Thinker article about the Left's fascination with death left unanswered the question of why the Left is fixated on issues of life and death. On the face of it, there seems no logic to the Left's various positions. To paraphrase P. J. O'Roarke, to adopt a view that killing unborn babies is okay but killing mass murderers is bad requires years of therapy. Let me suggest that it has something to do with the Left's lack of belief in God (a lack I'm afraid I share). Oh, the Left tolerates a religious element (Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Martin Luther King, Rev. Al Sharpton, etc.) but by and large, the Left looks with distain on all things religious. Hence their obsession with the separation between church and state, to the point that they are not just neutral, but anti-religion. If there is no God and no afterlife, then death takes on a whole new meaning. This has two practical effects worth discussion. First, the Left obsesses on all things related to death. Abortion is the only issue worth discussing when considering potential Supreme Court justices. The Iraqi war is not about what happens within the Iraqi society; all that matters is the body count. All of the effects Bookworm pointed out in her article fit well here. The second effect is that the Left is constitutionally incapable of understanding religious believers. They cannot begin to understand American Christians from the red states so they dismiss them as unsophisticated rubes. They cannot begin to understand Islamic extremists so they advocate bizarre positions, like suggesting that if we are just nicer to the extremists, and give them at least a part of what they want, they will quit trying to kill us. It is this second fantasy that causes the most concern (American Christians can fend for themselves, as the last couple of elections have demonstrated). No matter how many times the extremists say they wish to destroy America, not to mention Israel, the Left simply refuses to belive them. No matter how many suicide bombers give their lives to kill innocent people, the Left cannot believe the extremists are serious. The Left cannot understand people who place so little value on this life, who see it as simply a transition to another, perhaps a better, life. As a result, we have one side of the controversy (the extremists) who have declared a religious war and conducted some extraordinary attacks in pursuit of that war, and another side (the American Left) that simply refuses to believe that the war exists. Rodney King ("Can't we all just get along") is the Left's poster boy. Well, no, we can't all just get along. If someone says he's determined to wipe us off the face of the earth, and if that someone views this life as merely a transition to another life, we ought to take that someone seriously. The sooner the American Left takes the Islamic extremists seriously, the better. Let me share one other theory. The Left early on staked out a position in favor of killing fetuses. Personally, I've always believed that most of the other positions taken by the left were overcompensations, designed to show that they were, nevertheless, really loving and caring individuals. I'm convinced that's what the whole animal rights movement is about. "Okay, I may believe women have a right to kill their fetuses, but, hey, I believe we should be kind to animals and, by the way, we shouldn't kill mass murderers and shouldn't engage in wars, where people might get killed, either." As always, I would love to hear your opinions. Why is the Left so fascinated with death? Why does the American Left seem incapable of taking the Islamic threat to America (and Israel) seriously? What can we all do to wake the American Left up to reality?