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Thursday, September 01, 2005

The faulty logic of government sponsored discrimination

When he was in high school my oldest son, who is white, dated a classmate who is half-Hispanic and half-Asian. This was during a time when the fact that Asian students were overrepresented at UC Berkeley was much in the news. It got me to wondering, in the extraordinarily race-sensitive environment at Berkeley, if my son and his girlfriend both applied, should she get favorable treatment because of her Hispanic background or unfavorable treatment because of her Asian background. She was a member of both an underrepresented and an overrepresented minority. The right answer, of course, is that she should neither be favored or disfavored. Both my son and his friend came from solidly middle class two-parent families in a solidly middle class neighborhood. The went to the same school and, in any way these things could be measured, had the same advantages and disadvantages. Any system that favored either one would have unfairly discriminated against the other. Besides the fact that government-sponsored discrimination is nearly always a bad idea in the face of it, it is based on the false premise that, based solely on the color of one's skin, one is advantaged or disadvantaged in a way that must be compensated for by intentional, blatant discrimination. While it is possible this might be true in the aggregate, is it certainly not true for many, if not most, individuals. Of course, quotas are supposedly illegal (emphasis on supposedly) but why should race be considered as even "one factor"? What is there about the color of ones skin that makes it proper for one color to be favored over another? In the end, the only way to end discrimination is to end it. The answer to speech is more speech, but the answer to discrimination is not more discrimination. I'd like to hear what everyone thinks on this, but I'm especially interested in hearing from those who disagree with me. On what basis do you believe it is correct to discriminate against my son in favor of his girlfriend (or vice versa)?