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Friday, August 26, 2005


Bookworm has turned over the keys to the Bookwormroom to me for a week or so and suggested I take it for a spin. I'll never live up to her over-generous introduction, but I'm happy to spend some time here with you. I should introduce myself and give you some idea of who I am and what I believe. First off, I'm a 50+, white male heterosexual married 30+ years to the world's best wife (no, not Bookworm). I'm new to blogging (so please forgive my rookie mistakes), but not to the on-line exchange of ideas, dating back to Prodigy bulletin boards years ago. Bookworm described me as a conservative, but I actually believe the liberal and conservative viewpoints are both internally inconsistent. My actual beliefs approach, but do not touch at all points, libertarianism and, while I'm far more comfortable with the "conservative" label than the "liberal" one, I've got views that will startle and, perhaps, offend folks on both sides of the isle. I believe my views are, for the most part, internally consistent and correct, but I am always open to new ideas. Let me share some of those views with you. Generally, I'm against big government and for individual freedom. I believe all victimless crimes should be repealed. What consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedrooms, how many adults, of what genders and performing what acts is none of the government's business. Neither is what they put in their bodies while there or whether money changes hands in the process. People do make unfortunate choices, but it does not follow that government should take it upon itself to restrict those choices. There must be limits of course: they must actually be adults, they must actually be consenting, etc., but only these broad limits should apply. I believe in gay marriage. If gays are to claim the benefits of marriage, they should be required to take on the official title and responsibilities of marriage. Marriage used to be about procreation and raising children, but it is both more and less than that today. There's probably a separate blog in here somewhere. I believe we should not have invaded Iraq, at least not when we did and not without a clear idea of how we were going to get out. On this Bookworm and I disagree and there is definitely a separate blog here. I believe the national debt is a national disgrace, proof positive that we as a society are willing to live beyond out means and leave the bill for our children to pay. Few things give me less hope for our nation than that realization. I believe the ballooning trade deficit is a grave threat to our society, though I admit I have little proof that this is so. I believe in freedom of speech, not political correctness. I believe in equality, not government-sponsored discrimination (read: affirmative action). I believe the government should be neutral toward religion, not hostile to it. I believe the government is neither Robin Hood, our national nanny or our Big Brother. I believe that the government should keep the peace and preserve our freedoms and not much else. However, I must admit I have a weakness for large government projects. Hoover Dam is spectacular and the national highway system is an impressive accomplishment. You can imagine how conflicted I am over the space program! I believe that when people declare a holy war against American and kill thousands of our citizens we should accept that we are at war, not rally for peace at any price. I believe that the fact that our enemy is not embodied in a particular state makes the fight more difficult but is not a reason to abandon the fight. I believe it is deeply ironic that a blog supposedly dedicated to peace is named after the acronym for Kill-On-Sight. Did I mention I'm not to fond of hypocrites? I believe that relatives of those who are killed in war have no particular wisdom to share and no particular moral authority. However, insofar as the MSM is going to pay attention to such people anyway I believe they should give at least as much time to the majority who support the effort their family member died for as they do the minority who do not. I believe the truth matters. I believe no person is all-good or all-bad, but most are mostly good most of the time. I believe that a person can honestly disagree with me and still be a fine, decent human being (though that makes them no less wrong, of course!). I believe that politics brings out the absolute worst in people, though I have no idea why that is so. I believe we should be able to discuss our differences without fear of name-calling or derision. I invite you to pull up a chair, put your feet up and join the conversation. Perhaps we can learn a bit from each other.