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Saturday, July 23, 2005

A humble hello

Thank you to Bookworm, who is one of my all-time favorite people. She's even more fascinating in person than in print. I'm honored she's allowed me to share a small corner of her limelight. First, about the name. I adopted it years ago on a political Prodigy bulletin board where I made it my mission in cyber-life to tilt at everyone's windmills, trying to get the writers to be more civil with each other and engage in actual, meaningful dialogue. Alas, they went merrily on their way flaming each other with gusto and abandon (and flaming me in the bargain). If anything, the dialogue has deterioriated even further over the years. Take, for example, the California Teachers Association, the most powerful and vicious lobby in Sacramento. The CTA has been using their teachers' dues to run a series of attack ads against California Governor Schwarzenegger. In the interests of fairness I invite you to compare the ads, as posted on the official CTA web site to the facts, as presented on the Governor's "Join Arnold" site. Far from rising up against the incivility and dishonesty of the ads, the public has bought them hook, line and sinker and the Governor's popularity has nosedived. Rather than an honest discussion about school funding, Californians have justified a hatchet job by reacting just as the hatchet wielders hoped they would. Sadly, we get the political debate we deserve. I'm heartened, however, by the positive reaction Bookworm has received to her always civil blog, and I hope to contribute positively to this blog and the discussion in general. May I add more light than heat. May I contribute to the discourse, not to the discord. May the readers call me on it (as I know Bookworm will!) whenever I cross the line.